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We aim to produce excellent quality websites.

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How we do it

  • Planning

    This first step to making a great website is looking at what you want out of it. This part of the process may only take a few minutes or a couple of emails, but it is the most important. We will discuss any themes, colours, logos, styles, fonts, layouts, and well all the rest. If you have an idea then we'd like to hear it. We will also gather the relevant content for your site or discuss if you would like to add that yourself with easy to use content management systems like Wordpress.

  • Implementation

    Although the hard work of designing the site is behind us, the implementation can take the longest. This is where the coding starts, and with coding comes bugs. This is why after the first draft is complete the site undergoes through debugging and testing. It is in this stage that we will contact you regularly about content and implement content management systems (Wordpress is our favourite). CMS's allows you to change content whenever you like but don't worry if you make a mistake or would just prefer not to, we're only an email away.

  • Design

    After we know what you want the proper work starts. All websites are designed from the base up; a blank canvas. With the ideas that have been discussed in the first stage, mock ups will be made and your feedback is crucial. If you don't like what you see first time then we'll start again until you are happy with it. When the final design has been approved it's downhill to the finish line.

Our Work

In The Woods Brewery

A small upcoming brewery asked us to design a whole image from the ground up. With only a name to go by, Smirlwebs, created a customer controlled site which is easy to maintain. A brand which is continued to be used on their products, merchandise and website.



The well founded engineering company and supplier FJWilliams has was in need of an online presence. No really company image has been used previously but design was based around existing company signage. This developed into a easy to update website with potential to expand.


Furniture Replications

Creating bespoke furniture for high street brands, Furniture Replications needed a website to showcase their amazing products. Despite the impressive customer base, no brand was used prior to Smirlwebs' involvement so a complete company brand was designed. Smirlwebs also went onsite to take many of the photos on the website.


High Heath Farm Cattery

A small local cattery which offers an excellence service. This very early Smirlwebs project has turned into one of the most successful. With hundreds of unique visitors a week and an impressive 10% visiter to customer conversion rate, this is proof that our service works. Since the initial website set up small changes have been made to this innocent website.


AWA Flying Group

The Coventry based flying group needed a site for users to learn from and interact with. informative content is spread across the site and has a large number of visitors from outside the club. The member side of the site is in place awaiting involvement by the club.



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